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    We draw on deep know-how and experience to provide unique insights and deliver innovative security solutions to the aviation industry. We do this through:

    Unmatched Expertise

    Our unmatched expertise when it comes to transportation security, most especially in aviation operations, allows us to deliver world-class results to all our clients. More than three decades of leadership experience in aviation operations and security brings value-added service to clients around the globe, enabling them to enhance the passenger travel experience. We provide focused solutions that address rapidly changing security and operational environments as well as an array of strategic advisory services. Our aviation consulting client portfolio includes security and technology, aviation start-up assistance and passenger experience solutions.

    Guiding Technology

     We have led as well as supported multiple efforts to design or redesign airport security checkpoints. These include design work as well as installation and deployment of a full suite of security checkpoint technologies. In turn, these efforts created a vastly more efficient and effective passenger flow through checkpoints, all of which supported both mandatory threat detection requirements and the demand for a better and less-stressful passenger experience.

    Global Solutions

    Our firm’s principal officer has spent a career working with key Transportation Security government and industry leaders, both in the U.S. as well as around the world. In addition, his well-developed global network of aviation industry professionals and associates spans the most critical elements of business, technology, policy and operations. We bring the newest, best and most innovative solutions forward to advance our clients’ markets and their own global networks.


    Our unparalleled ability to innovate is driven by our principal officer’s decades-long leadership experience. This experience creates a level of innovation and brings a host of value-added services to all our clients, no matter where in the world they may be. In fact, high levels of passenger and customer satisfaction in dealing with aviation security are a hallmark of our work on behalf of clients large and small. Airline travel is stressful these days, but through our focused advocacy we can rapidly field solutions addressing the ever-changing nature of aviation security as well as airline and airport operations. Our strategic advisory services reach manufacturers, airlines, airports and governments at all levels and assist many companies in staying ahead of the innovation curve. Our clients become market leaders, not market followers.


    We can quickly develop standards and requirements for security screening equipment as well as aviation transportation processes that effectively counter risks to the global transportation network. As a former high-level Transportation Security Administration executive and leader, our principal officer has a detailed and thorough understanding of security checkpoint and baggage facility design. Our principal’s knowledge of transportation security operating standards, staffing development and deployment, operational efficiency and security optimization programs is unmatched. We have years of experience in managing staffs, which enables us to design the optimal workforce matched to the right security processes. We can also redesign any security process and operation to improve both to a high degree.

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    The Best Aviation Security Consultancy


    We are a premier transportation security consultancy possessing world-class expertise in aviation security. We provide comprehensive security, business and government-specific solutions. We advise a range of transportation sector clients, with great expertise in aviation security and aviation operations. We draw on three decades of industry knowledge to deliver valuable services to customers around the world, all of which are aimed at improving and enhancing the airline passenger’s travel experience. H4 Solutions provides focused advocacy work on behalf of its clients, creating innovative solutions for the rapidly changing aviation security and aviation operations worlds. Our strategic advisory services assist many companies and manufacturers, airports and airlines as well as governments throughout the world in staying well ahead of the innovation curve.


  • How We Succeed

    We connect your wants and needs to the people who care the most about them and who in turn will become your most valuable clients and customers.

    Kelly Hoggan

    Kelly Hoggan, longtime airline professional and former Transportation Security Administration executive and leader, is our consultancy’s Founder and Principal Officer. His unmatched expertise in aviation security and operations has enabled him to provide crucial strategic advisory services to a multitude of industry and government clients. He also draws on his three-plus decades of leadership experience in aviation security and operations to deliver high-value services when and where needed, regardless of size and scope.

    “A leader who will stop at nothing until the job is done, Hoggan’s ability to implement strategic security and operational designs that further ideas, innovation and products is peerless in the aviation industry. His subtle creativity when it comes to security and operations design has revolutionized the global transportation security scene.”

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